Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black Friday Shoppers

Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. This is traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.  The reason being the insane deals at most of the stores at malls, stores like Wal-mart or Target, etc.  Their doors open from times ranging from 12:00 in the middle of the night to 5 am.  People save tons of money from getting up in the crack of dawn to wait in line for hours to bust in mall doors and actually check out afterwards.  

If you are one of the people who have not experienced this shopping madness, this is typically what it looks like...

People waiting hours in advance for Target to open at 3am right after stuffing themselves with turkey and sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner.

And the shopping begins!

So what does one need to survive this shop-'til-you-drop experience?

Survival Kit Contents of a Black Friday Shopper:

1. A shopping list
2. Pillows
3. Suitcases with rollers (It is strange. You will find out why in a bit.)
4. Coupons
5. Extremely comfortable sneakers
6. Incredible upper body strength
7. Patience

A shopping list is very essential for obvious reasons.  On Black Friday, if you don't know what you need to buy, you're toast.  When you go shopping on a regular day, you hop from one store to another with out a worry.  The only difference with Black Friday is there are so many sales out there, it gets tough to actually pick what you want.  You may find something extremely cheap but you then leave it because of the thought that something else could be cheaper.  Being organized is key.

No, you're not using these pillows to whack other shoppers senseless so you can get those pair of shoes that your sister has been dying for.  These pillows are for you to bring in your car.  If you show up at a mall's parking lot 10 minutes before the doors open, you are too late.  Getting there an hour or two earlier will definitely get you a spot in the line closer to the door.  After Thanksgiving dinner, it will be really hard for you to walk around the mall with a full stomach.  Sleep for about an hour and a half in your car before lining up at the door.  This will get you rested enough for running around and searching for good bargains later.

It is not very likely to carry luggage around while shopping at the mall. But, you know what, it's a pretty clever way to carry all those shopping goodies. It is a tactic often pulled off by tourists. Instead of dragging your older brother out of bed to carry your stuff around for you, this will save you time and energy.  Imagine how many clothes you could fit in there? And besides, you can run faster rolling those suitcases. 

Coupons on black friday? GENIUS!  You are probably going to get stuff for free.

5. Comfy Sneakers
If you show up for Thanksgiving with dress shoes or heels on,  you probably should pack a pair of your favorite and most comfortable sneakers with you.  (That is, if you are going straight to the mall after dinner.)  Sneakers will contribute to your walking faster and sprinting to the cash register before the line gets too long.  If you do not wear sneakers, you will regret it.  If sneakers aren't your style then, forget about Black Friday.  Your feet will kill you, literally.  

(Not as much as this guy over here but enough strength bring all your stuff around.)

How else are you gonna carry all of this?

Or this?

And lastly,

the most important thing to bring on Black Friday and the most important thing on your Survival Kit is...


There is no room for giving up on Black Friday.  You may wait in line for hours, your feet may get sore and you may not get everything you wanted.  When your shopping ends, you will make all your friends love the presents you got them for Christmas. Not to mention, the crazy story you'll have behind how you got those stuff in one insane night.

See you all at next year's sale!   


Friday, November 26, 2010

Writer and All-around Artist

Basically, I bring a lot of stuff with me when I go to college. I'm a Communication student majoring in Media Production and as much as I hate it, I can't survive a day in school without these many things in my bag. I actually have two bags that I use in alternate days so that the bags won't rip apart because of the weight.

Survival Kit Contents:
USB flash drive
Homemade Binder 
Paper clips
Jotter Pad
Make up

Let me start with my gadgets. This is my second laptop. I used to have a really huge laptop (it weighs 9 pounds. No kidding.) but I'm a skinny person, and I had to switch laptops with my dad. I use this for researching, finishing my digital pieces, and editing my papers.

I need my flash drive cause this is where I put my homework and it's always good to keep a back up of your files close.

I also have my memory card reader because some of my classmates have files that I need on their smartphone's memory card.

I'm really proud of this binder because it's really, really, unique. I bet you can't find a notebook that uses old paperback book covers as a divider and pages of a clear book as pockets. Obviously, I made it myself. I used to have a smaller notebook but ever since the first semester I've been writing a lot of notes that my old high school self couldn't even dream to write.

Yes. Those are paper clips for little notes that I might forget.

And as if it wasn't enough I have these notebooks too.
The pink one is my blog berry book. It's a planner. I have a lot of activities in and out of school and I can't possibly keep track of them without it. 
The next is my Jotter Pad. I use that whenever I know my notes will be messy on a particular lecture. I like to keep my notebook neat. OCD much? I also use that when I don't bring my huge notebook to school because of the added weight whenever I bring my DSLR.
The little black notebook is my journal. I take it with me all the time, cause that's where I list all my ideas for different works. I'm also a part time graphic designer for my sister's company so keeping track on all the ideas for my commissions, my work, and my schoolwork is very important.

Ahhhh, yes. In the Philippines, we call this the "kikay kit." When I was in high school, I condemn the use of make-up, or any thing that you put on your face to make you look prettier.  Obviously now, I've grown up to be a little bit more, lady-like.(In our country, we call it "nag-dadalaga.")

I've got a concealer, powder, blush on, a hairbrush, and most importantly, my lip balm and lip gloss.

I am addicted to lip products just as I am addicted to notebooks. I have a lot of lip balms, lipsticks and lip glosses that I stock in my room. But I only bring my favorites. The first one is a "Nerds" lip balm given to me by my best friend from Georgia. The second is "Aziza Rocks" lip gloss from my grandmother, who is my main supplier of make-up.


Media Production Major
Nadine, 17

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bass Player with a Sweet Tooth

Survival Kit Contents:
1. Cellphone
2. Hairbrush
3. Cash
4. Rice Krispies Treats
5. Keys
6. Vitamins

DISCLAIMER: Just because I'm in a band, doesn't mean I do drugs. Those are not illegal tablets of any kind (above). I am not gonna lie. I have tried them in high school but, it just wasn't a good idea.  So yeah, I am a Bass Player with a Sweet Tooth but I take my vitamins everyday and sweets are like drugs for me! That was beyond geeky but hey, at least I've got a clear conscience. (This disclaimer is just to tick this guy off by the way.  He's a loser. Kurt, I am talking to you.)

Everything in my Survival Kit is pretty self-explanatory.  The only thing I do need to point out is my hair brush.  If this blog post only allowed me to put up a picture of myself, I would.  See, I've got long hair.  It's not long enough to put in a pony tail nor is it short enough to be a "Bieber Cut." I like my hair neat and in place.  My girl friend hates it when I look like a homeless person.  She begs me to chop it all off but being in a band, I have to create some sort of "image."  

Greg, 19

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Health Conscious Waiter

Survival kit contents:

1. Keys
2. Flashlight
3. Phone
4. A bag of oats
5. Theraflu
6. Cash

I'm a guy and I don't have my "Survival Kit" in a bag just cause I don't believe in man purses.  If it's a bag and you carry it everywhere, it's a purse.  

Why do you bring oats with you?
"This is one thing that everybody thinks is really odd about me.  I bring oatmeal everywhere because I absolutely love it. A day without oatmeal is like not drinking water or milk for me.  I rarely snack on junk.  It's just healthy options all the way for me."

What is with the rubber duck on your key chain?
"Hey, don't make fun of Daffy (my rubber duckie).  You'll hurt his feelings.  I have had that ever since I can remember. It used to sit on my book shelf collecting dust but I thought it needed some air.  It may sound ridiculous but it means a lot to me.  I have a lot of memories of that rubber duck with my mom.  Or at least, memories only she can remember."

A flashlight? Really?
"Okay. Just so we're clear. I'm not some psycho who creeps around town picking locks on houses.  (If I gave any ideas to potential sickoes out there, I apologize.  Don't give me any credit whatsoever.)  That flashlight's for my job.  I work at this comedy bar where the owner is so cheap that he won't fix this light that I really need for waiting tables 7 and 9.  I need that flashlight so people won't ask me about the damn light."

Is that Theraflu packet always in your pocket?
"No. I actually forgot about that.  I must have forgotten to take it out when I did the laundry."

For the record, I do not have anything against guys and them carrying "murses." It's just not my cup of tea.  You know what they say, "The more stuff you carry, the more baggage women think you have."

Brad, 22
Graphic Arts major

New Mom

Survival kit contents:

1. 1 sterilized plastic nurser
2. 1 unopened can of powdered infant formula
3. 1 box of sterile bottle liners
4. 1 plastic infant spoon
5. 6 cereal biscuits
6. Loads of diapers
7. Emergence bottles
8. Wipes and linens
9. 2 pairs of socks
10. 1 hat
11. 1 pair of mittens
12. 1 small box of self-adhesive bandages
13. 1 unopened bottle of infant Tylenol 
14.1 bottle of infant sunscreen
15. Extra keys
16. Cheques
17. Coins

For more info CLICK HERE!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Precautious Klutz

Survival Kit Contents:
  1. Wallet
  2. Flashcards for Spanish Class
  3.  Barbie comb
  4. Sudoku puzzles
  5. Gloves
  6. Pencil case
  7. Pink polka dot sun glasses
  8. Keychain with USB
  9. Little monkeys
  10. Blood donor card
  11. Kleenex
  12. Lipstick
  13. First aid kit

I don't really know why but for some reason, my friend decided to put little plastic monkeys in my bag.  It's really random but they have been in my bag ever since.  They give me something to smile about when they get caught in my fingers as I search for stuff.

Stuff on my key chain:
A really funny pen
My USB flash drive
My car keys

This is my blood donor card.  I also think it's pretty cool that I have this other card. I know a police officer.

I carry a bunch of flash cards from my Spanish class just cause I find having these little things help me memorize stuff better.  I feel that it's better to review my "A que hora's" and my "Hola's" at my finger tips.

Filling out sudoku puzzles is the best pastime ever.  When I say pastime, I mean I love filling these out when I am forced to spend hours listening to a really boring lecture. Especially in a class where I can't whip my phone out.

I always bring a first aid kit in my bag cause you never really know when you need a band aid or even antibiotic ointment.  I am always prepared.

This Barbie comb has been with me forever.  It always reminds me of the little 6 year old in me.

I am one of those people who always carry a toothbrush in their bag.  I do so because whenever I sleep over at a friend's house, a toothbrush is always that one thing I forget. Besides, who wants to use their fingers to brush their teeth or worse, not brush them at all? Yuck!

Rachel, 19
Liberal Arts major

"Text-savvy" Teen

Survival Kit contents:
  1. Mirror
  2. Phone
  3. iPod
  4. Bobby pins
  5. Hair ties
  6. Lip & Cheek tint
  7. Eye glasses
  8. Lip balm
  9. Eye liner
  10. Mascara
  11. Wallet
  • My Survival kit in a nutshell:
My wallet, mirror, phone, and iPod are the things that I always bring when I go out. I bring my wallet because my money & my school I.D. are in there. I always have my favorite mirror from The Body Shop with me. I usually check if my hair's fine or if I have something in my teeth. My phone and iPod always go together. I sometimes put them in my polka dot case. When I'm on my school bus, I listen to my iPod and text my friends at the same time.

  • What's number one on my playlist:
Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 has the highest count of plays on my iPod. But even if I put my iPod on shuffle, I always play songs from favorite Filipino singers.

  • Why I have a phone with a QWERTY keypad and why I think it's way better:
I am not that much of a "text-a-holic" compared to before. But yes, I still consider myself as a text-a-holic. A QWERTY pad is definitely better just because I can text a lot faster avoiding really annoyed friends who want me to respond ASAP.

  • What I would bring first if I was in the middle of cleaning out my Survival Kit and there was a fire:
I never leave my house without my phone. I think my phone is the most essential thing in my bag. In case of any emergency, I can just call someone for help. If I am bored and lonesome, I just grab my phone and start texting my friends.

Isabela, 17
Straight-A High School Junior